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Martinique Vacations

Martinique is a slice of France set down in the tropics. Islanders wear Paris fashions and eat croissants. Zouk music pouring out of tape players, bars and nightclubs will remind you, however, that Martiniquans have a culture of their own, solidly based on West Indian Creole traditions.

Region: Caribbean

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Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa

Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa

Our 5-Star classification designates those select properties that provide exquisite service and amenities. The discriminating traveler will find the accommodations, ambiance, dining, and staff assistance of the highest caliber. These properties offer the utmost in luxury and will provide an outstanding experience.
Le Francois

Nestled on the east coast of Martinique this tranquil resort offers sumptuous accommodations and a wealth of activities.

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Martinique has a spirited Mardi Gras Carnival during the five days leading up to Ash Wednesday each February/March. The streets fill with rum-fuelled revelers and there are costume parades, music and dancing. Much of the activity is centered around La Savane, the large park in Fort-de-France.

The town of Saint-Pierre commemorates the May 8 eruption of Mont Pelée with live jazz and a candlelight procession from the cathedral.

Martinique has several major sporting events, including the Tour de la Martinique, a week-long bicycle race held in mid-July; the Tour des Yoles Rondes, a week-long race of traditional sailboats held in early August; and a semi-marathon around Fort-de-France in November. Music lovers can enjoy the biennial week-long Martinique Jazz Festival, held in December on odd-numbered years, or the guitar festival held on even-numbered years.

Largely celebrated Public Holidays include Bastille Day (Fête Nationale) on July 14 and Slavery Abolition Day on May 27.